Roxana – The Fortunate Mistress

Roxana – The Fortunate Mistress is a 1724 novel by Daniel Defoe. It is a fictional autobiography of a woman who has traded her virtue, at first for survival, and then for fame and fortune. Its narrator tells the story of her own “wicked” life as the mistress of rich and powerful men.

The novel is set in London during the Restoration period. Roxana is a young woman who is forced into prostitution after her husband dies and leaves her penniless. She quickly becomes successful in her new profession, and she soon attracts the attention of wealthy and powerful men.

Roxana is a complex and contradictory character. She is both cunning and naive, both ruthless and compassionate. She is also a survivor, and she is able to overcome many challenges in her life.

The novel has been praised for its realism and its insights into the nature of female sexuality. It has also been criticized for its moral ambiguity and its depiction of violence against women.

Daniel Defoe (1660 – 1731) was an English writer, journalist, pamphleteer, spy, and merchant. He is best known for his novel Robinson Crusoe, published in 1719.

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