The Middle Temple Murder

Together, Frank Spargo, the Scotland Yard detective, and the young barrister begin to investigate the murder of the elderly man in London’s Middle Temple. As they delve deeper into the case, they discover that there may be more to the murder than a simple robbery gone wrong.

Joseph Smith Fletcher (7 February 1863 – 30 January 1935) was a highly prolific author who wrote in a range of genres, including detective fiction, historical fiction, and travel writing. He is perhaps best known for his detective stories, which often featured intricate plots, surprising twists, and vividly drawn characters.

Fletcher’s first detective novel, “The Middle Temple Murder,” was published in 1919 and was an immediate success. It introduced the character of Frank Spargo, a journalist who becomes involved in solving crimes, and went on to become one of Fletcher’s most popular series. Over the course of his career, Fletcher wrote more than 230 books, including over 100 detective novels. His other notable series included the “Eliot Paul” detective stories, which were set in Paris, and the “Roger West” series, which focused on a Scotland Yard detective. Fletcher’s writing was admired for its intricate plotting, engaging characters, and attention to detail. He was also praised for his ability to capture the spirit of the times in which he wrote, whether it was the gaslit streets of Victorian London or the bustling boulevards of early 20th-century Paris.

Although Fletcher’s work has fallen somewhat out of fashion in recent years, he remains an important figure in the history of detective fiction and a notable contributor to the genre.

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